2 Best songs ft. Zayn Malik | May 2021

Listen to 2 Best songs ft. Zayn Malik | May 2021

ZAYN - Dusk Till Dawn (Official Video) ft. Sia

Sia and Zayn's chemistry in singing is one of the best.

Zayn singing with Sia is the collaboration I didn't know I needan actual masterpiece

this is random but why does Zayn have the most gorgeous eyelashes ever

May 2021 let's see how many people are listing this masterpiece

I felt regret that how could I listened this song after a era .. I wish I could listen it before .. 🙂..Love from India ❤️

Fun fact: Everyone is talking about Zayn's note but no one is talking about Sia's note

Snakehips - Cruel (Official Video) ft. ZAYN

Probably this song, is way more better than yummy, agree?

if zayn ever promote his songs and maybe go do a world tour he will be on top of the food chain.

We live in a society where that trash yummy yummy reach more than 350 million+ views and this masterpiece is just 35 million views litreally feel angryOne of the major reason is he doesn't promote his songs he just likes to make music and that's enough for him if he started promoting his song then he is better than all trending songs and albums Btw I am also a YouTuber and I post some vines of songs,lyrics and funny moments you can watch them

I hate how Zayn lost all of his fans because he left one direction. I know it it was so sad but look at this masterpiece he made. He new he had to leave one direction to make stuff like this and be happy. I love Zayn and support him so much. His voice is goals. Can’t wait tell he starts promoting himself!😂👍😜

Thank you

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