What is channel rack? | FL Studio | Easy explanation | Mixer | Music Production

Channel rack is the place where you will be able to see all the instruments or synths being played or used in a track. It is one of the most important part of FL Studio or any other such DAW's.

Let me quickly share my knowledge to you of what the channel rack exactly is, in short.

See the screenshot. You can easily understand that there are 4 elements that are used currently. A kick, clap, hat and snare. If you add piano, that will the 5th element. Easy right?!

Now what are the numbers mentioned? Simple, kick is by default linked to channel 1 of mixer. See the screenshot.

I play the kick in 4 steps. Like this:

And this is what I see in mixer channel 1.

Now whenever you add something on this channel in mixer ( like EQ ). This will create the effect on the kick.

The four green dots are for volume. If you click on any of them, the green disappears. Meaning, this channel's volume is muted and you wont be able to hear.

Now click on the + button below and a list pops up with all the instruments and synths. I clicked on FL keys, which is the default keyboard from FL Studio.

Now that I have FL keys, how will I enter notes into it? Easy. Just left click on FL keys in channel rack and click piano roll button on top in the menu bar.

Next this screen opens and we can easily use our mouse to enter notes.

Mixer and Piano roll will be covered in the next blogs.

Thanks for reading.

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