8 artists from Sweden who revolutionized the EDM industry | Alesso | Axwell | Eric Prydz | Avicii

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Sweden, is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. One of the richest and safest countries in the world, Sweden is famous for its abundant forests and lakes.

There are few big names that EDM fans are aware about for sure and they all belong to Sweden.

According to Axwell from Swedish House Mafia, due to the climate which is most of the times very cold, most producers tend to love making music, which, is tuff, heavy and HOT!!

Here today in this blog, I am listing down the 8 best music producers from Sweden who changed the EDM scene completely!


Avicii's real name was Tim Bergling. And was considered a pioneer of EDM. Tracks like "Wake Me Up," "Levels proved that he knew what the crowd wants. He has collaborated with top artists like David Guetta, Chris Martin of Coldplay.

Avicii levels as mentioned previously, was his breakthrough track! Listen to it here:

8 artists from Sweden who revolutionized the EDM industry | Alesso | Axwell | Eric Prydz | Avicii


I grew up with this man’s music. Before/after competitions in gymnastics and diving, track and cross country tournaments, swim meets, stunt showcases, and more, I would listen to this guy. His music always hyped me up before an event, getting my blood flowing and my adrenaline pumping. And after? If I’d won, I’d celebrate by blasting his music through the car’s stereo.

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Alesso, is from Stockholm. In 2012, his single “Calling - Losing My Mind” with Swedish House Mafia’s Sebastian Ingrosso and Grammy award-winning OneRepublic vocalist, Ryan Tedder, was certified 2x Platinum in Sweden. It also was no. 1 on Billboard’s US Hot Dance Club Songs.

In 2013, Alesso also released “If I Lose Myself” with OneRepublic which was certified 4x Platinum in Sweden.

8 artists from Sweden who revolutionized the EDM industry | Alesso | Axwell | Eric Prydz | Avicii

Listen to one hit Under Control by Alesso here:

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Sebastian Ingrosso

Sebastian was born in Stockholm as well. He is a part of Swedish House Mafia who produced several hit club and festival tracks. Who remembers " Don't you worry child "?!

In 2012, Ingrosso was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Electronic Album. He and Axwell formed the successful electronic duo known as Axwell Ingrosso in 2014 after the break up of Swedish House Mafia!

Sebastian Ingrosso


I’d say it’s closest to “electro house”. It’s house music - repetitive dance beats toward the slow end of danceable - blended with funkier elements borrowed from hip-hop and pop music.

EDM - and by “EDM” I mean the umbrella of all electronic dance music, not just the marketing term of the latest wave - is full of artists and music that really defies pigeonholing into a specific sub-genre. Nobody wants to be “just another house DJ”, any more than other musicians would want to be “just another pop band”, “just another metal band”, or “just another female solo act”. We’re seeing an ever-expanding and ultimately self-defeating effort to classify this music by genre, as the musicians being classified constantly innovate to avoid the very terms being used to describe their work. Sooner or later, all you can really say is “it’s EDM”, and that’s what the marketing geniuses did with the latest rise in electronic music on the pop charts.


Axwell began his career remixing songs by other artists, his first official remix being released in 2000. One of his early remixes include: Usher's "Burn".

His interest in music appeared at an early age, having taught himself to play the drums by age nine. Four years later, the 13-year-old exchanged his drums for a computer so he could create each element of h