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Updated: Jun 12

Who doesn't love Zayn Malik? While Gigi Hadid did a Taurus season photo dump on Instagram today to mark her birthday month, we here will look for the 3 best Zayn songs that will make you pray for a relationship!

zayn malik songs best

Zain Javadd Malik, known mononymously as Zayn, is an English singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Bradford, Malik auditioned as a solo contestant for the British music competition The X Factor in 2010.

Why is he so loved? Madiha, an user of Quora writes:

The answer is obvious, i.e. because of his talent. His journey from a commoner auditioning for X Factor UK, to present day scenario where the public eagerly anticipates his albums, has been tremendously successful. His personal life choices, aura, style and looks too contribute to his enormous popularity among the people. Each and every one of his songs from I don’t wanna live forever, Pillow Talk to Dusk till Dawn showcases his unique flair and leaves the fans wanting for more. He has received much accolades from critics for his new musical direction, vocal performance and experimental production. He also sing covers of some songs on Youtube, which are well received by the public.

ZAYN - Dusk Till Dawn (Official Video) ft. Sia

Zayn's high notes will always be higher than my grades will ever be.

I'm leaving this comment here so that if someone likes it, I get reminded of this song!❤️

I hate the fact that all tiktoks come to my mind while listening to the chorus when im about to feel the emotion

May 2021 let's see how many people are listing this masterpiece

The more I look at Zayn the more I notice his perfection in literally everything ❤️

Without any promotion 1.6 billion are Amazing Zayn

It's been three years since this great song came out and I still can't get over it literallyHace tres años que salió este temazo y aún no lo supero literal 💛😩.

Zayn: "Not tryna be cool"Also zayn: "Puts on cool sunglasses and driving supercar"

ZAYN - Let Me (Official Video)

A whole wattpad story in just 4 minutes!

I love the fact they did not make the woman weak like every other basic action love story

Zayn is a type of student that doesn't attends school for the whole year but still gets the the best grades

I can tell he's been watching too many Bollywood movies after watching that fight scene😂

Zayn is handsome in every angle. PERIODT.

ZAYN - Entertainer

This song at night is different mood

Zayn's best single and of one his best songs overall, argue with a wall

Let's see how many people are watching this in 2021😁

zayn's music is something you listen to late at night, lying on top of your bed with headphones on, facing the ceiling.

zayn is so fvcking underrated

Imagine that your job is kiss Zayn Malik.. and they pay you to do that


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