SKRILLEX - Bangarang feat. Sirah | He did nothing and lost his hand

Sonny John Moore, known professionally as Skrillex, is an American DJ, record producer, musician, singer and songwriter.

"Bangarang" is a song by American electronic music producer Skrillex. It was released as a single from his EP of the same name. It features guest rap vocals from American hip hop recording artist Sirah. "Bangarang" intersperses Sirah's rap vocals throughout the song. The song's title and lyrics reflect the battle cry of the Lost Boys in the 1991 movie Hook

source: wiki

Listen to SKRILLEX - Bangarang here

SKRILLEX - Bangarang feat. Sirah [Official Music Video]

I feel so bad for the ice cream guy for real..He did nothing and lost his hand and even waved at the kid kindly at the end of the video..

Interviewer: So how did you fall into a life of crime?Me: It all started with ice cream...

Amazing how skrillex basically wrote the whole song about the movie hook and has several references to it in the music video.

Alright so I saw this 9 year old kid do something cool to those criminals in that movie Home Alone so I thought we should do the same to that criminal driving the ice cream truck.""What makes him a criminal?""He eats empty ice cream cones."

So basically kids chopped a man's hand off to get some ice cream, then when they get older, then they robbed robbers so they can pay back the same man that got his hand chopped off..... ok thats fine with me

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