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Sidechaining is using the output of track in a channel, such as a kick , and altering the compression on another track, such as a bassline. It's a way in which we set up our mix in order to quiet down one sound when another one comes in.

See the screenshot. You will see two parts in it. One is the grey part and the other violet. Find out. The grey is the baseline. The violet is the kick. You can easily understand from here, when the kick strikes, the baseline disappears. This is the concept.

Why is sidechaining required?

It’s used for making things louder and clearer when necessary. For instance, when the kick strikes in, you don't want to hear the baseline. Both are broad sounds and we don't want to hear both together. Its like eating mom's made chicken curry and dad's cooked mutton curry during lunch. Instead we would prefer any one of the two chicken curry with an ice-cream for dessert.

What is the best plugin for sidechain?

The first screenshot is Gross Beat. The second is Fruity Limiter.

We can use both of them to sidechain our channel track. Gross Beat is way easier than you would think. Simple add it in a channel via mixer and use the sidechaining option from the gross beat. There are several presets in there for usage.

Similarly we can use fruity limiter. which also has presets. We need to listen to each track and use the preset that is meeting our desired sound. We can use it for kicks, baselines and for our melodies too. Use and get that unique sound which can make you as an artist.

Thanks for reading.

I have been producing music for 7 years and all I can say is a little bit of knowledge and good amount of practice can help you grow in the field of music production quickly.

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