2 best Rihanna songs | Unfaithful | Russian Roulette | May 2021

Listen to 2 best Rihanna songs | Unfaithful | Russian Roulette | May 2021

Rihanna - Unfaithful (Official Music Video)

Once you start listening to some old jams you just can't stop 🤪

This song is the story of my life. She knows how much i love her, she was cheating on me but deep down i didn't wanna accept it, she starts pushing me away & abuse me emotionally. Finally, i found out she was sleeping with another guy. She left me without saying goodbye. Its been 6 months & im still healing. She was my one true love. I'll never love again. I was lied to for 6 years

I'm having a Rihanna night listening to all her old songs 😍😍

Rihanna was the most beautiful black woman that I ever seen and love her song so much even now....

Was 12 when this came out...I can't remember if this or Pon de replay was the first Rihanna song I heard but loved it then and still do

Rihanna - Russian Roulette (Official Music Video)

Once in a while I come back to Rihanna just to clear my ears from these shitty songs that are now everywhere

For me this song was a metaphor for when I was in an abusive relationship. I was playing Russian roulette. I never knew if today would be the day he killed me or not. I finally got out and never looked back.

this era of Rihanna was everything

Once I listen to one Rihanna song, I gotta listen to all of them. Her music is great.

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