3 Best Rihanna Live Perfomances

Rihanna - Work - Live at The BRIT Awards 2016 ft. Drake

I remember when Rihanna used to make music....ah Good Times

Why is no one talking about that outfit, it's EVERYTHING

No wonder Rihanna has not released anything for so long. Her back must hurt from carrying the music Industry. Rest up queen x

it's soooo weird to watch this in 2021 and realize how small of an artist SZA was back in 2016, it's wild

Rihanna and Drake’s chemistry in this is phenomenal. Reminds me of their younger days lol

Rihanna - Stay / Love On The Brain / Diamonds (Live From The 2016 MTV VMAs)

How is she so elegant and gracious but so badass and gangster at the same time

I LOVE how she performs. Her facial expressions, the way she moves her arms and hands...she's just feeling it and does not give a shit if she looks "pretty" while doing so (even though she still does look pretty).

She sings with her whole body not just with her mouth, she lives the songs, especially Love On The Brain. Watching her live performances always hits me. Miss you queen please come back soon 😭💜

i swear rihanna the only person that could do a craw hand and still look like a bombshell and then sing like a angel

Rihanna - Diamonds Live Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 1080p HD

how rude of them, interrupting Rihanna's concert like that

It’s the most effortless and beautiful vocal growl I’ve ever heard on the last ‘shine bright’ for me-💓 love her bro

I just like how Rihanna and the models interacted. It wasn't awkward nor cringe, just pure natural.

She stands out so effortlessly you just can't help but notice anything but her, her voice her beauty her presence she is so powerful

Thank you!

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