Passenger | Let Her Go - The sad breakup song !

According to insiderdotcom ,the emotional pain of breaking up can actually feel like physical pain. Research has found that social rejection and physical pain can impact your body in some similar ways. ...

"Research has also shown that regions of the brain that get activated in response to physical pain also get activated in response to a breakup.

Love does involve emotions and behaviors characterized by passion, intimacy, and commitment!

Passenger were a British folk rock band established in 2003 in Brighton and Hove, England. They were fronted by Mike Rosenberg, the main vocalist and songwriter of the band, and Andrew Phillips. The band were at various times a quartet and a quintet. The band's name was stylised as /Passenger.

source: wiki

Let her go is a very emotional track that makes you feel the worst part of being in a seperation phase after a relationship ends !

Listen to the song here:

Passenger | Let Her Go (Official Video)

You get the meaning of a pop song after the popularity wave it is slightly faded and it remains a jewel to keep and play and the song it talks to you, and they are singing what you feel, and they know how you feel miserable.

Once a wise man said : you enjoy the melody when you are happy and you lost into lyrics when you are sad.

I don’t know why this song popped up in my recommended all these years later, but I needed it now more than ever. This will probably never be seen, but I need help. My girlfriend of nearly three years broke up with me just over a month ago, and I was doing fine with life until about a week ago. Since then, I can’t get her out of my head. Every song I listen to, everything I do, leads back to her. Every single lyric of this song applies to what I’m going through. I feel like I need to reach out, try to win her back, but I can’t even think of where I would start. I’m lost, and I just needed a place to write it all out. I didn’t realize what I had until now, and it hurts now more than it did even when it happened. I can’t figure it out. I’m stuck. I just don’t know... Maybe I’m reading it all wrong, but from where I’m sitting, it has to be her. And I don’t even know where to begin...

The saddest part of life is when the person who gave you the best memories becomes a memory

“Only know you love her when you let her go” it hits so hard when you lost someone you loved...

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