5 retro EDM tracks that will bring back memories from your past

Updated: May 6

" Alan Walker makes Heavenly music for people who are lost " - a comment from YouTube read !

Music is the only thing that can keep you going in tuff times. Hats off to people who makes a difference in the industry.

alan walker faded

Hey guys, I am listing the 5 tracks that you need to immediately bring back in your playlist for a couple of memory filled hours!

Alan walker - Faded

With more than 3 billion views, Faded is Alan Walker's breakthrough track. The track was released in 2015. In an interview, Walker mentioned that the track was produced by him while practicing FL Studio in his bedroom. As the sound was catchy, he released it on YouTube creating a profile for himself.

His Manager Gunnar Greve Pettersen had liked the music and immediately contacted him for signing with the record label.

His other popular songs include: Sing Me to Sleep, Alone, The Spectre!

Listen to Faded here:

Few comments from the internet:

I swear this song got me through covid, ups, downs, and between. I hope it will get me though worse. Bless everyone reading this!

"The saddest part in life is when the person who made the best memories becomes a memory."

Alan Walker makes Heavenly music for people who are lost

who else is in a rabbit hole of old nostalgic songs trying to relive your childhood which was the last time you were truly happy

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Memories by David Guetta

David Guetta released Memories alongwith Kid Kudi 11 years ago in 2000 via Gum Prod, Under Exclusive Licence to Parlophone/Warner Music France. Gone are those days. People should more often listen to these EDM classics more often. With 392 million views, seems like this song is not in the radar of suggested music videos anymore!

Listen to the track here:

A few comments from the music video reads:

childhood song😢👍🏻

my biggest flex is that I knew this years before tik tok

let's be honest, if this song was released today it would be even more popular than is actually

10 years from now, this still will be fire

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Avicii - the days

We can't deny the fact that Avicii will always be missed! EDM industry will always remember him for what he has given to the young generation.

Avicii released - The Days in Oct 3, 2014. Till date it has 194 Million Views.

You will always be in our hearts. Some comments taken from the video!

playing this song for the first time in 2 years, bought a tear to my eye when that last drop came around, this song hits hard. Rest easy Tim

this is incredible stuff! it's really unique and creative! <3

3 years after his death we remember the great DJ who revolutionized the 2010s as one of the favorites of EDM Music.

"we made a promise to never get old"... damn

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Tiësto - in my memory

In My Memory was released 9 years ago and has more than 3.6 M views in YouTube alone. This is a song from his debut studio album. It was released on 15 April 2001,

I can literally listen to the Nexus pluck and pads used to perfection by the legend.

Listen to it here:

Some comments from YouTube:

i am 52 years old :-) i will never get too old to listen to this :-)

still in to this song in 2019...will be my forever song 💕💕💖

thumbs up if this track has an effect on your life !

This song brings me so much sadness...not because it is sad, but because I feel the old 2000's songs will be gone forever and nowadays there's only commercial without any soul in them :(

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