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Updated: May 21

Pierre David Guetta is a French DJ, record producer and songwriter. He has racked up over 50 million record sales globally, whereas his total number of streams is over 10 billion.

Lets check out the best 3 music videos of David Guetta in 2021 with more than 1 Billion views!

David Guetta - Hey Mama ft Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack

Let’s appreciate Bebe’s vocals in this! I mean, she’s so good!

The sad thing is that Bebe Rexha is no where to be found in this music video

Bebe Rexha is power..Nicki is Soul...Guetta is Heart

Ok is it just me or did i used to think Nicki sang the whole song and find out like a year later that Bebe was in this song😅

That awkward moment when you're now 17 and this is the first time you've ever actually listened to the lyrics 😶

Let’s admit it life was good when this song dropped

When Rexha sings, she has something in her voice. Some tuning goes within.

David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia (Official Video)

this song turns 10 years this year omg how old are we !!

I just can't believe that almost 10 years have passed since this song was released.

We are all titanium in this tuff time. Stay stronger together

we've evolved so much as a species that even 16 year olds have nostalgia

2020: the Corona Virus can't kill me, I'm Titanium.

The people who disliked need a covid test, because they have no taste.

"We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun."

I can't help being not just nostalgic, but wistful, about how simple life was 10 years ago.

David Guetta - Play Hard ft. Ne-Yo, Akon (Official Video)

Watching this now feels like watching a history documentary

Probably one of the most iconic songs out there, it’s a classic that everyone’s gotta love.

Yes kids there was a time when a lot of people came together to create something great and fun to watch,they don't do that anymore 😢.

Let's be honest we still enjoying listen to this..🎶

Danced to this song on dance dance revolution at Dave and busters and had the time of my life. Brings back so much memories!

There is one of best 90s music's inside this song( Alice better off alone)

What am I watching right now? Lol, this video is awesome

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