Mr. Probz - Waves | we would spend hours together, talking about how many kids we would have

Here's Mr. Probz - Waves music video taken from YouTube with some of the best public comments. Listen to it and let us know in the comments what you think!

Mr. Probz - Waves (Robin Schulz Remix Radio Edit)

I think the island is a metaphor for his solitude and loneliness and the waves represent the split period and the sea is the distance between them now.

this was me and my dads favourite song, we would vibe to it like everyday: in the car, sat on the couch e.t.c. I miss them times so much, I barely even talk to him now..

I dated a girl in college 5 years and thought she was the one. She made me so happy and we would spend hours together, talking about how many kids we would have, where we would live, how we wanted to grow old together. We went on a vacation to Hawaii and this was on the radio almost every day. It was around the time of that vacation that I started drinking really heavily. After that trip we slowly started to drift apart because of my drinking and because we were drifting apart I got more depressed and drank even more and more. Over the course of a few months we eventually completely drifted apart and our relationship had ended. I could never get over that girl and what we could have been and when this song played I would just drink and drink myself hopelessly numb, until I literally felt like I was drowning. Fast forward 5 years and as of today I am one year sober. Today I can finally listen to this song again and remember the good times we had. Life comes and goes and it's not what life gives you that really matters, its what you do about it. Sometimes there aren't the right words to say.

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