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Updated: May 11

Mp3? No! Why would I download Mp3 songs in the era of YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo ?!

I had the same question when I wanted to write this post! However, the mp3 user stats for mp3juice say a very different story.

Read to know the 4 best mp3 downloader sources on the internet right now from where you can download music for free!

mp3 download

MP3 is a coding format for digital audio that was developed in Germany in 1993. And since then, it has been the format the world loved using for music and podcasts!

However, given the current scenario where we have live streaming platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube, is mp3 still popular?

In this short article today, I am going to list four websites that are still immensely popular even after having streaming platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud and many more! Just look at the monthly organic search traffic mp3juices.cc has!

mp3 juice

Mp3 Juice:

MP3 Juice is a free mp3 music downloader website. It lets to search music, download mp3 file to local storage.

And we can also listen music directly with music player inside the android app. Best thing is, we can download songs for free of charge!

Check the video to know how you can use the website for downloads.

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Pagalworld is the second in the list. We can download ringtones as well for free. Mp3 songs are also available for download !

Website link: https://www.pagalworld.tv/

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Mp3 Paw:

Mp3 paw app in play store is optimized to high speed with limitless downloads.

We can listen to our favorite music within the app.

No Registration is required for use of mp3paw!

Mp3 Quack

"MP3 Quack offers you the best music from all styles around the World In MP3 Format" - that's what the team has to say about it!

Check out how you can download mp3 from Mp3 Quack!

Thanks for reading.