What are the best MIDI Keyboards in 2021

Updated: Jun 10

A MIDI keyboard is a device that can send commands to a MIDI-equipped device. When you press a key or pad, it creates a MIDI message. The message is sent to the device it's connected to with the use of either a USB or MIDI cable.

3 best MIDI keyboard reviews | 2021

Although you don't need a MIDI keyboard to produce music, it is highly recommended due to how useful and productive they are. The majority of digital audio workstations (Music creation software) will have virtual keyboards built-in to the software package that you can operate by using your computer's keyboard.

Here in this short blog, I am listing down the 3 best review videos of MIDI keyboard. This will be helpful for buyers!

The BEST Midi Keyboards For Music Production in 2020

Thank you for the video but I wish you compared them more in terms of features and mentioned price range. Nice to see your background as always, that video about home studio setup was one of my favorites :)

Great video! However, when talking about the Keylab Essential, you were showing videos of the Keylab mk2 (the "pro" edition). There are several differences between the two, including extra pads, better build, keybed improvements, ect... and they are about double the price of the Essential line!

Really, thank you man, this was so helpful <3

Great video! Every informations that i needed. Which one would you recommend between the M-audio oxygen 49 & the Arturia Keylab 49? Thanks

Yo! And partly due to you, I decided on the M-Audio Oxy Pro-49! Also trying to get a “Decksaver*” brand hard deck cover for it, but they don’t make?! Anyone buying/has the Oxygen Pro-49 or 61 and want a Decksaver, perfect for carrying in a soft bag! Let them know, it takes several orders for them to tool one up! Please! I WANT one! Hard plastic cover, fits exact! Decksaver thanks!

✅ TOP 5 Best Midi Keyboard Controller 2021 [ Buyer's Guide ]

I would recommend this interesting video to a friend who is a beginner musician and wants to learn more about these things.Thanks for posting

the content of your channel is really wonderful. your channel is one of my favorites. thanks for such an excellent video. you're the best!

A very good list based on the quality and value of the products! Your explanations are important to me. I will check the links :)

Another extraordinary work of Techs You Can't Live Without, when making the best compilation, now I decided on M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3, thank you for sharing such valuable information

Nice presentation of top 5 Best Keyboard Controller. I think that Alesis VI49 model looks interesting. Thanks for details.


Cool tip for those with ableton but don't have pads. Record tapping on the table with mic. Right click, convert to midi. Turns out to be way more responsive than most pads.

I bought a V25 a couple of years ago, because it was the cheapest and also I had heard good things about the Alessis drum kits, seems to have done pretty well in the shoot out, and being that I am a keyboard noob...still I think it was a good choice. Good to hear some more competent Keys musicians affirm my choice, thanks guys

I’ve been using an Alesia v49 for 2 years, it’s fantastic and everything still works great. Totally worth it for someone on a budget.

I'm new to music. I was in an abusive relationship for a decade from age 15 to 25, just this last year. As I finally have freedom ive taken singing lessons. Because I've always loved singing but am no good, and I wasnt allowed to make noise. But I bought a used yamaha ypt 30? Keyboard and have been teaching myself to play. Its going pretty well. The news about my cancer coming back has definitely made me play more. Im not working rn so this video was super helpful. I thought they were super expensive so I never even looked.

I got the alesis 49 key awhile back when my m-audio stopped working. I’ve been really happy with it.

Thank you