Martin Garrix, Avicii and The Chainsmokers | In the studio

Martin Garrix, Avicii and The Chainsmokers are considered the best in the EDM industry. :ets look at them producing music in their studio!

Martin Garrix In The Studio With Future Music

0:03 Your reaction when future magazine come to your house to see how you made your latest hit and you just remember that you used a cracked version of sylenth1

He looks like a 5 year old explaining to his parents why he's not in trouble

6:59 Every Producer's File Names: Lol Hehe, Jaman, OMG best drop😂😂

Martin Garrix: You hear how its ... badly producedMe: better than I can ever make!

This isn’t that hard to do, but the imagination to come up with everything and put it together and make it sound right is just something else 👏🏼

Avicii in the studio - The Making of Dancing In My Head


Avicii... God of the electronic music

Honestly everyone should have a little Avicii in their personality - we need this energy in everyone - this music and spirit is just what life should be

Its 2021 and i remember watching this when it came out. I never really cared if celebrities passed away but god when i found out avicci passed on it really shocked me to my core. it was a first for me losing someone who was my inspiration. someone i listened to growing up, someone i idolized for my own music journey gone. RIP legend

In The Studio with The Chainsmokers

I cant imagine how much effort and hours that takes to make the perfect song 😊

So basically one of them makes music while the other one eats food in the background and occasionally goes 'OHH SHIT! THAT'S SOUND DOPEEE' Hey I guess everyone has their own ways

Andrew looks so innocent and Alex as if 'it really doesn't matter' but both of them guys are super cool

Drew's working. And alex's screamig THATS SOUNDS DOPE and eating lol @realchainsmokersfan on instagram (:

Thank you!

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