3 famous songs of Madonna to listen in May 2021

The pop superstar, was in soccer mom mode on Sunday as she and her boyfriend, cheered on her teenage son David Banda.

Seems like they are spending some quality family time in this lockdown!

Lets listen to 3 of her best tracks for May 2021 here!

Madonna - La Isla Bonita

In my opinion, the best Madonna song

King of pop means Michael Jackson 🕺Queen of Pop means Madonna 💃This never changes...Thumbs up 👍

Madonna is literally this 💃 emoji

still listening to this to this day. love this song

One of the most nostalgic songs. My heart races as i hear this bringing me back memories,memories that will never come back. It also saddens me it saddens me because i remember us having dreams,and also because we left a lot of people down,people that cared about us and we can do nothing to fix what we did.All we can do is tell our children to not make the same mistakes not because we want them to be perfect but because we dont want them to feel what we felt,a circle continuing for eternity in front of the silent face of time.

Madonna - Frozen

This is my first favorite song in life. It was in 1998-1999, I was 10 or 11 when heard it on some mp3 "Romantic Collection" cd on our Pentium II pc. Some time later I saw the video and still think it's one of the best music videos in history.

Madonna has 22 International number 1 hits ♥

I’m not a big Madonna Fan but this Woman is just legendary. The people will always remember „Madonna“. Forever

Without a doubt Madonna's masterpiece.

Out of all of madonna’s songs/videos this one is the most iconic in my opinion

Madonna - Material Girl [Official HD Music Video]

I Love this era, she was so cute.Guys, when I commented that she was cute, it was due to her higher pitched voice at the beginning of her career, combined with an archetype of girl / woman, I love this song I remember good times in my life.

We Madonna fans love the best selling female artists of all time Madonna, celine dion, nana mouskouri, taylor swift, whitney houston, britney spears, lady gaga, adele, katy perry, shania twain, beyonce, ariana grande and alanis morssette!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

It's scary how fast time goes by... This video and Marylin's film were 31 years apart, now we are 36 years apart from Madonna's video...Also 36 years was how long Marylin Monroe lived. Meaning that if she was born when Madonna released her video she would be passing away this year ...

i wonder how many guys had a crush on her while filming this

Thank You!