2 best Kim Kardashian vogue interviews

Kimberly Noel Kardashian West is an American media personality, socialite, model, businesswoman, producer, and actress. Lets look at 2 best Kim Kardashian vogue interviews here:

73 Questions blog:

Vogue: what’s the best part about being rich

Kanye: the money

When Kanye focused on the baby 200% more than the interview

Him: “What’s the craziest thing a fans ever done?”Her: “Well one time a fan wanted me to LITERALLY adopt them.”him getting flashbacks to the dm “Whaaaattt tHatS so wEiRd.”

Vogue: how is piano going Kim: good but then I quit Vogue: that’s to bad Kim: blink 👁👄👁

Kanye just zoning out in the background with baby is just a mood xD

Honestly...this sounds like they're playing the don't say yes or no game it's hilarious!

At Home With Kim Kardashian - The End of An Era | Good Morning Vogue

She's becoming more and more articulate with how she speaks nowadays. I think it's because she's studying to become a lawyer? It's just refreshing.

'I'm glad my kids get this version of myself" that was profound. I didn't love Kim through the whole Kardashian journey. But I really enjoy and respect who she's become.

I love that Kim rarely uses the word “like” . She is smart, well spoken and humble. She has truly gotten better with age.

As a lawyer, I have so much respect for the fact that of all of the things she could be doing, she's choosing to study 6+ hours a day so that she can fight for justice.

Interesting how education and eloquence change your picture so positively in the eyes of others. Elegance, class and good manners are timeless, folks!

Thank you.