Justin Bieber Yummy | he tried to tell about the sufferings he had as a child in this hollywood.....

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Justin Bieber has spoken out about his mental health struggles, revealing there were times when, at his lowest ebb, he felt “really, really suicidal”.

Speaking on his new YouTube documentary, Justin Bieber: Next Chapter, the singer revealed he experienced “consistent” pain when he was at the peak of his fame as a teenager.

“There was times where I was really, really suicidal,” he said.

“Like, man, is this pain ever going to go away? It was so consistent, the pain was so consistent.


Probably because it’s mostly a big business now. Most mainstream “artists” now-a-days will make any kind of music to get a quick buck, often meaning that the final product sounds like complete garbage which somehow some people absolutelly love. On the other hand, indie artists like the ones you often see on Youtube get praise for being authentic to themselves and doing it out of passion, not corporate money.

Look at the pop stars, acting and dressing as prostitutes, showing the example of how to behave to younger generation, and you will get the hold of it.

Dig deeper, and you’ll want to switch it off forever.

The dark side of the music industry is when musicians fail to understand or read in between the lines what their contractual obligations are!

Most of them sign their freedom away to record labels or management companies.

I specifically target artists and music producers because most of them are in music for fun and do not understand the business side of it.

Record labels and artist managements are like sharks and can see a weak prey from afar and mind you they’ve been doing this for a long time.

So they know how to blind unsuspecting artists and record producers.

Then trouble starts when they receive pennies or a pat in the back after putting in long hours in the studio and creating masterpieces.

This eventually turns out into anger and resentment where they are caught up in bitter and soul-draining legal wars.

So its either they suck it up and slave away for years until the contract ends or if they come out they have to pay a price which may leave them in huge debts.

And they know they were far better off doing their own thing before taking up the pen to sign their life away.

"Yummy" is a song by Canadian singer Justin Bieber. It was released on January 3, 2020, along with a lyric video through Def Jam Recordings, as the lead single from his fifth studio album, Changes

Justin Bieber - Yummy (Official Video)

There is a deep meaning in this song....he tried to tell about the sufferings he had as a child in this hollywood music life.....and also about the Children who are still suffering, it's clear from the ending......SO STOP SPEAKING TRASH ABOUT HIM

This the biggest artist power, he's back 4 years later and now he break the every record now he is on the top number 1 artist 💥

The intro when the kids are playing music reminds me of how kids are suppose to entertain these predators... all the adults eating on the table paints the picture of how these predators indulge on these kids. Did anyone notice Justin when he gets blurry/disoriented and his chin stretch’s? Kinda reminds me of after they abuse these kids that some resort to drugs or alcohol because the abuse they’ve gone through. The ending reminds of when the party is over and they are done using them. These predators walk away having a “good time” but these kids/entertainers are left alone with the damage of being betrayed, used and abused by handlers and weirdos.

My Idol Justin Bieber!

The song is really catchy for real, i didn't know at first what it was about, but after i read some things about the pizzagate and other stuff i could figure it out. but damn is a catchy song

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