John Legend - All of Me | live everyday that you’re with friends and family like it’s the last

You'll never know for certain what your future will look like. Therefore, live everyday with friends and family like it’s the last!

Heres a music video taken from YouTube which shows love between a couple.

"All of Me" is a hit song by American singer John Legend from his fourth studio album Love in the Future (2013). It is dedicated to Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen.

Listen to it and let us know in the comments what you feel!

John Legend - All of Me

This was always a song I loved before I moved. I felt like I had ditched all my old friends. It’s been almost over 5 years and I still think about all the fun and memorable times I had with them. It’s really hard to think about how I might not see them again. I don’t have any way to contact them which I’m sad about. So to whoever reads this, please live everyday that you’re with friends and family like it’s the last because you may never know what will happen.

The most beautiful thing about this song: John meaning each and every line of the song for Chrissy and how they’re still living the song

I am the one for me. turning my being into my happiness reality now. Whatever that means I am trusting myself. All of me loves me. I love all of me for me. Me being my completely unconditional loved self and my unconditional loving self and I love each other. Myself and i have made peace here now and forever all of me all of us . 🇺🇸

My husband dedicated this song to me on June 27th 2017 right after we found out he was sick. It's so hard to Liston to now that he's gone but he believed in the after life so I'm holding on to that .However I do feel his presents me and are son were their when he took his last breath he was suffering but after a month in the hospital he was not the same when he came home in my and sons care along with hospice I never knew what hospice meant that he was coming home to pass away but I have no regrets I wish I could have been with him in the hospital but because of the pandemic I wasn't allowed I just saw a completely different person ?? So with the care of hospice my job was to keep him comfortable I will tell U this hospice went above and beyond they are Angeles !! Bill wasn't with us for long he past within two weeks he declined so fast that was really hard to watch he was such a prideful man always took care of our family !! I Miss U So Much Babe ! Love You Always and Forever Michelle or as he would always call me MaMa.

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Such a beautiful song it makes me full so much with emotion.. God bless you and your wife and family - true legends really. I love the cello cover by the guy from Pentatonix too, would be amazing to see you all pair up one time.. this song is a true classic.. 🙏🎼🎵🎶😎👌

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