Jayden Smith | songs that you need to listen in May 2021!

Will Smith reportedly is trying To Get Jaden Smith In The DCEU.

He might not be doing many movies as lately, but his rap songs are worth listening.

Here in this short blog, I am listing down the 3 songs that you need to listen in May 2021!

best songs Jayden smith

Jaden - Icon

Damn jaden got my whole retirement fund on his neck

What a way to introduce yourself into the rap game..

It's a culture to come back to this video once

That moment when the song is hot and you cant talk trash anymore

Post malone and jaden got something in common they both have the ability of looking rich and homeless at the same time

Jaden - Ninety

an 8 minute song of relationship pain. this how it's feeling lately

I'm going to consider this my birthday present

yo this song is an actual masterpiece man on god

Jaden is beyond talented. This song is so much deeper than most will understand.

I always thought of Jaden as a refined artist. A lot of people overlook his work cause of his family's name. This song goes hard though!!

Jaden - GOKU


When you lose your parent in the store 2:52

when you take a DNA test and find out you're 1% Japanese.

Jaden is Goku till Jackie Chan tells him to pick up the jacket

I don't care what you say this song is straight fire


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