Martin Garrix Studio setup details for Beginners

Updated: 7 days ago

Want to set up a music production studio like Martin Garrix and other big artists? Read this post.

Know that a basic Studio Set Up is only required to start off like the big EDM artists. Avicii, Martin Garrix and others all started as bedroom producers!

Martin Garrix Studio setup

Music production is the process by which music is created. The more comfortable you are with the process and basics of production, the easier it will be for you to make bit hits! Read to know more on how we can set up an in-house music production studio and get started!

Whether you are getting started with music production just for passion or for making it as a professional career and to make money for a living, you need to know the basics. Here in this blog, I am listing out the hardware and software that you need for getting started.

The 6 main equipment that you require in order to start making electronic music are:

Computer | What Computer do I buy?

A computer is a machine that manipulates data according to a list of instructions called a program. The most important part of a studio setup is the Computer. Before we check out what program we can use with it for making music, let us dive in on what exact configuration can be helpful for us in getting started with music production!

computer for music production

I started with my Sony Vaio back in 2015. The laptop had 500 GB hard disk, intel core i3 processor, and 4 GB RAM.

That means, we can start with basic versions of computers that are available in the market. You can find one in Amazon.

what computer for music production

DAW | Music making software for beginners

Obviously, we can't ignore this part. The DAW or the Digital Audio Workstation is the software we will talk to. Right from entering notes, to arranging our song, and mixing and mastering for final release - this friend will be with us, from start to finish!

DAW for home studio setup

What DAW do I use?

I use FL Studio. Its very user friendly. I started with some tutorials from YouTube. Make it simple. Learn the basics. And then apply your methods of producing!

For getting started with FL Studio read my article here: What is FL Studio and how do I use it?

Famous musicians like Martin Garrix, Avicii, Alan Walker use FL Studio for music production. Suggested Read: How did Avicii start producing?

Studio Monitors:

Studio monitors play a vital role in music production. The output from these are very accurate and thus the songs or instrumentals produced sound good in all devices after rendering.

speakers / Studio monitors for home studio

What Studio Monitors do I buy?

Even though for getting started, even the computer's speakers are okay, we might need to buy these when we need to release some tracks for commercial use.

What studio speakers do i buy

Amazon has this pair of monitors. With some good reviews as well. The pricing seems like this is made for beginners. We can definitely choose this.


For recording, we need good microphones which cuts the unwanted background sounds.

microphone for studio setup

What microphone do I buy?

This is required if we need to record vocals. If we are only into music production, this is not very much required. However, if you are recording songs with vocals, we definitely need some a microphone.

condenser mic


Studio monitors can be used for production. However, as per convenience, we can also use studio headphones which are specifically made for production.

headphones for studio setup

What Head