Halsey posted 2 music videos to explain one of her boyfriend experience!

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane born September 29, 1994), known professionally as Halsey is an American singer and songwriter. Gaining attention from self-released music on social media platforms, she was signed by Astralwerks in 2014 and released her debut EP, Room 93, later that year.

Halsey released her debut studio album, Badlands, in 2015. It was certified Double Platinum by the RIAA, as was two of its tracks: "Colors" and "Gasoline". In 2016, Halsey was featured on The Chainsmokers' single "Closer", which topped the charts in over ten countries. Her second studio album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (2017), consisted of more "radio-friendly" music than her previous releases; its singles "Now or Never" and "Bad at Love" reached the top twenty of the Billboard Hot 100, with the former peaking in the top five. Halsey's third studio album, Manic (2020), became her best selling album worldwide, while its lead single, "Without Me", became her most successful single as a lead artist.

In 2020, Billboard reported that Halsey has sold over one million albums and been streamed over six billion times in the United States. She is noted for her distinctive singing voice. Her awards and nominations include four Billboard Music Awards, one American Music Award, one GLAAD Media Award, an MTV Video Music Award, two Grammy Awards, and being named Songwriter of the year by BMI Film & TV Awards in 2021. She was also included on Time magazine's annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2020. Aside from music, she has been involved in suicide prevention awareness, sexual assault victim advocacy, and racial justice protests.

Seems like Hurricane is the first video of the 2 videos that she used to explain one of her past boybriend's experience. And the second is Ghost (Room 93 Version).

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Halsey - Hurricane (Official Music Video)

Halsey - Ghost (Room 93 Version)

For everyone who wants to know, this is a compilation of videos that Halsey posted to explain (and dramatize) one of her boyfriend experiences. The Hurricane video is the first one and it shows a young Halsey and her then boyfriend having fun with four of their friends in a Motel. The six of them play "spin the bottle," and Halsey's boyfriend has to use the restroom. He comes out of the bathroom to find Halsey kissing one of his friends. He then is really upset and the pink-haired girl comes to comfort him. The two of them then go to "Room 93" and sleep with each other with Halsey wondering what happened to her boyfriend. The pink-haired girl writes "Never Forget Summer '97" on the bedpost in the morning. In Ghost (Room 93 version) Halsey and her boyfriend revisit the motel. They are having fun recounting their memories, when Halsey sees the "Never Forget Summer '97" and connects where her boyfriend was that night. She confronts him about it and he leaves her. She then takes pills and falls unconscious when her boyfriend finds her and calls 911. He gets arrested and she is sent to the emergency room. Then in the official Ghost video, Halsey goes to Japan and meets the pink-headed girl there. She then goes through ups and downs with the pink-haired girl and eventually falls in love with her. (Just in case you wanted to know).

Here is the story behind room 93 : In 1997 , A bunch of girl were hanging around an old car garage and there they meet three boys one of the girls ( Hasley ) develops a liking to the blond guy and they end up in a relationship on the same day ( Dumb huh ?) After a few hours of sitting together in a used car there friends come and tell them that are going to break into Pink motel so they go and they break into room 93. Halsey and her boyfriend sit on the bed chatting while there friends play truth or dare then the blond guy says that he is going out to smoke so Hasley joins her friends and gets a dare to make out with the guy with tall brown hair , the blond guy enters in sees them then he gets pissed off and stays outside for the rest of the night after all of the sleep. The pink haired girl gets out and calls him in then he and her have sex or a making out session while everybody else is sleeping in the morning the pink haired girl wakes up and kisses him on the cheek and writes on the bed side " Never forget summer of '97 " and hasley sees her but before she could do anything the motel's owner busts in kicks them out.A few years after , Hasley and her boyfriend ( the blond haired guy ) were just roaming around when they reach the pink motel hasley remembered how much fun they had there so she decide to break in once again after they broke in they joked around and found the picture that Hasley's friend took of them then they have a gentle sex after they were done as hasley layed on her boyfriend's chest she saw what the pink girl has written on the bed side an got pissed off and slapped him she tried to apologize but he left the room and she locked her self in the in bathroom and wanted to commit suicide but her bf called the ambulance and they came and saved her but he went to jail .The end...

the story:In Hurricane it's a younger halsey and a boy she fell in loved with.Sparks fly between, they go to a hotel together with a group of friends. They lying with bed together while the rest of their friends are on the floor playing spin the bottle. The love interest leave to go the bathroom, so young halsey joins the game and she gets chosen and he walks out and see young halsey kissing one of his friends she regrets it automatically. Then he outside smoking outside her pink haired friend go out to get lucky and he gives in they go the bed while everyone is sleeping. Halsey wakes up as her friend is lying next to halsey love interest and writing something on the wall. Someone comes in they got caught and run. In ghost it's halsey older with her love interest and they're still together and she sees a motel and goes in with him. Not knowing what room it is. They're lying in bed and she sees the writing on the wall and gets a flashback. She starts a fight with probably like" It didn't mean anything" she like "oh really!" and he leans in to kiss her basically telling her to shutup and drop it. She gets more angry and slaps him. He' "done" and leave the motel and she begged him to stay he didn't listen and she runs with bathroom ad locks it. She's full of a hurricane of emotions (anger, sadness, guilt, sham) she overdoses and he comes back into the motel begging for her to come out and she doesn't he finally unlocks the door and sh's unconscious and he carries her to the bed and then calls 911 begging for her to wake up and lays with her till the police and ambulance arrive and hes arrested but shes still alive.

why are all halsey music videos so deep?like istg eveytime i watch one i literally rethink my entire lifetime and judge my existence then try to achieve world peace or some shit

Thank you!

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