Coldplay - The Scientist | India in pain | people are dying from lack of oxygen

Coldplay - The Scientist | India in pain

Covid screnerio is in its worst phase in India. From numbers published by the Indian government in 2019-20, there is one doctor per 1,456 people in the country.

This underinvestment in public healthcare is a long-running issue. Successive governments have not made it a priority.

In smaller cities, towns and rural areas, the situation is particularly bad. Hospitals have inadequate equipment and staff. In some parts of the country, people have to travel miles to get to any kind of medical services.

source: bbcdotcom

Here's a Coldplay music video taken from YouTube with some of the best public comments. And one on India's current covid crisis. Check it and let us know in the comments what you think!

Coldplay - The Scientist (Official Video)

There is more of a meaning to this video and song than just the loss of a loved person. Who can understand metaphors between the lines knows what I am talking about.

currently watching this from india. my country is in pain and i feel so helpless. people are dying from lack of oxygen and because they cant be treated. i dont know how much longer this will go on. i feel broken because the people who can do something about it are too busy playing politics. i keep coming back to this song each night thinking it'll get better the next day but it only gets worse. if youre reading this, please pray for us. please pray for the innocent people dying at the cost of politics everywhere in the world. please pray it get easier. thank you. stay safe.

I lost my big sister in 2020 from a car accident, and my mother deeply depresed because losing her, i just wished all this never happened but there's nothing we can do, cuz death comes so fast it doesn't feel real

I recently lost my wife to divorce, lost my job to Covid, lost my house and car and only get to see my 8 year old son twice a month.... But this song brings me hope.

Not gonna lie, but I will play this song whenever a breakup might occur for me. Nostalgic yet depressing

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