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Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar (born October 11, 1992), known professionally as Cardi B, is an American rapper and songwriter. Born and raised in New York City, she became an Internet celebrity by achieving popularity on Vine and Instagram.

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Melonie Carr-Daniels, a user on quora writes:

I feel she’s Cardi B is a breath of fresh air. I began following Cardi B the comedian/dancer from Instagram before she became LHH famous. I found her to be hilarious and fell in love with her Bronx/Dominican accent from the start. In my eyes she’s the rose that grew from the concrete. I know of so many rose buds that never that will never grow. She took her exposure and ran with it!

I also feel Cardi is giving you Belcalais (herself) and not a made up person. She never denied who she was and where she came from. The music is ratchet but its club music and there’s a legit audience for it. She’s also becoming a fashion icon in her own sense. Just think females started getting the flashy over the top nails again, and the infamous Cardi braids she sported on LHH.

List of popular songs by Cardi B with comments from the internet. Here we go!

Maroon 5 - Girls Like You

Girls Like You" is a song recorded by American band Maroon 5 from their sixth studio album Red Pill Blues (2017).

it's been 3 years..this song is still in my playlist.

We may all speak different languages,but music is the language we can all understand! 🙏

Maroon doesn't realize this, but he makes everyone's quarantine better

This song is the source of my power

DJ Snake - Taki Taki

"Taki Taki" is an English-Spanish song by French DJ and record producer DJ Snake featuring vocals from American singer Selena Gomez, Puerto Rican singer Ozuna and American rapper Cardi B.

Selena's spanish teacher must be proud of her now. She killed it 😎

Who's here after the news of possible SELENA X CARDI B COLLAB !

The energy between Selena and Cardi when she says "but I'm a boss bitch who you gonna leave me for" is everything I need

The time Selena start to sing "DJ snake " she's going to killin it

Cardi B - I Like It

Nominations: Grammy Award for Record of the Year 2018

"I Like It" is a song recorded by American rapper Cardi B with Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny and Colombian singer J Balvin for her debut studio album Invasion of Privacy (2018).

* stop twerking, this is a funeral * twerking

* twerking without bad bunny *

* could you guys stop twerking * twerking

* why u guys twerking* twerking

* brazilian twerking *

Cardi B - Bodak Yellow

"Bodak Yellow" (alternatively titled "Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)") is the major-label debut single by American rapper Cardi B.

This song makes me want to tell the police they were speeding

This song makes me wanna tell my parents they're adopted.

this song makes me wanna get the milk from the store and leave my dad.

This song make me wanna tell my mom to give me her phone

"with only 3 years of being active in the last decade Cardi B was ranked as the eleventh (11) largest female artist of the 2010s by Billboard" ♥.

Cardi B - Up

If this song ain't playing on my funeralIm not dying

Quarantine twerking

Grave twerking

Parmesan twerking

I don’t speak English but I am pretty sure they are singing about peace and love

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