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" played this at 3:00 am.The neighbours called the police. They got arrested "

The above is a comment I just read on YouTube. Avicii is amazing indeed.

Here today, I am listing down the best songs that he made in collaboration with some good names in the industry.

Lets check it out!

best avicii songs

Avicii - Lonely Together ft. Rita Ora

He saved us so much he couldn't save himself. We owe him so much so always remenber him.

Avicii didn't die.God just needed a DJ so he picked the best one.

i've watched this video like 8 times wondering why everybody was frozen and suddenly it clicked... the lyrics talk about a couple who can't be together-- they're dysfunctional together. But the video shows a happy couple in love, discovering and playing with a world that's frozen in time.I think Time represents cause and effect-- consequence. In this frozen world the couple can do anything they want, because there are no consequences. The ugly fights, the dangerous fires, spilled popcorn, the cue balls set in irreversible motion, the emotional balloons about to burst-- none of that matters. In the real world, the dysfunctional couple can't work together, they "know how this ends." But the whole frozen world is this metaphor for how hard they're pretending that consequences don't exist so they can escape their desperate loneliness together. The video shows a fragile perfection that can only exist in this in-between space and that will be gone as soon as time starts moving again.It makes that last image of them sleeping cuddled up and perfectly happy together so much more cutting-- the video cuts out on this feeling of "please don't start the clock again", almost like the video itself can't confront the end of the dream....don't know if that was super obvious to everybody or if it's totally off base, but either way, i can't get out of my head now. i like that it adds another layer of poignancy to a song about human connection, that was already so poignant to begin with. ;_;

Avicii Forever. His music is unmatched in its vibration. I always feel like I'm being lifted by it.

Avicii - Wake Me Up ft. Aloe Blacc

RIP to the legend. Thank you for everything you did for electronic music and for me personally for falling in love with this music. ❤️

Legends never die Stan Lee never died Avicii never died Stephen Hawking never died Michael Jackson never died Freddie Mercury never died Stephen Hillenburg never died Bob Ross never died Chester Bennington never died Bruce Lee never died Kobe Bryant never died.......... Because Legends never die

I want to wake up back in 2013!!

In Sweden we say:- He's not dead, He's just sleeping

Im just visiting my childhood...Roar (Katy Perry)Motto (Drake)Powerglide (Rae Shremmerd)Wake me up (Avicii)etc. Im fina cry

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Avicii vs Nicky Romero - I Could Be The One

Back then I just thought this woman was crazy, now I grew up and can totally relate to her. Adulthood sucks!!!!

"I think i´m trapped into somebody else´s master plan. Go to school, get a job, get a mortgage. All I´m really doing is dying."

This song makes me cry for no reason, definitely nostalgia. Miss old edm 😢

8 years ago I laughed at this lady😑Now it makes sense

She is literally the mood I've got since the pandemic has hit. If it's taught me anything it's f*ck it life is too short to follow someone else's master plan. But still, look ways before you cross the road.

I played this at 3:00 am.The neighbours called the police. They got arrested.

Avicii has long raised his flag, we were all blinded by how much we enjoyed his music.The storyline of this video sadness me a lot 😟

Avicii - Heaven ft. Chris Martin

"The world listened to Avicii, but no one listened to Tim,"

He is now in a sky full of stars

Beautiful video. It's amazing to see him smile this much.

2 years passed since his death and I'm still crying over his death... A truly musical genius that ever exist in this world

31 years ago, in Stockholm, Sweden, an important person was born to many, a person who made many others happy, a person dear, talented, and loved by everyone. He left us 3 years ago, but we can't cry or be sad, we have to continue loving him. Avicii, marked a generation, and I'm included. Have you ever asked yourself that question ?: If we had noticed that he was in bad shape, would we have a chance to help him? I think about it all day long. A dj, a songwriter, a singer, we lost a lot of things at the same time, the fans, they stood firm, strong, and with their heads held high, because that was how our Tim Bergling was. April 20 will mark us for life. I didn't have a chance to tell him how happy he made me for many years, and I know a lot of people had the same problem😳😳"I TRIED TO CARRY THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLDBUT I ONLY HAVE TWO HANDS "Wake me up quote"CAN YOU HEAR ME? HELPHELP ME PUT MY MIND TO REST " SOS phraseAs Aloe Blacc said, the song SOS has more meaning. It was like he was asking for help, asking for help, but we were unable to get the message. Avicii, I can't say that name without crying😢Thank you for everything, we will celebrate your victories for you😳😟Rest in peace😔😔

Avicii - Waiting For Love ft. Martin Garrix

I can't believe he's Gone!!

Am I the only who feels like wanted travel the world and finding love along the way?

Thank you for making my life better with your wonderful music. Rest in peace. ♥

You might died but we dont care about the money you made, we care that you gave us a smile in our face because you created all those songs

Grandpa told me about Elvis, dad told me about Beatles, and i will tell my son about Avicii

Thanks for reading.