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avicii best music 2021

Tim Bergling, known by his stage name Avicii, was a Swedish DJ, remixer, record producer, musician, and songwriter. At the age of 16, Bergling began posting his remixes on electronic music forums, which led to his first record deal.

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Listing down the best music videos of Avicii with public comments!

Avicii - The Nights

me still vibing to this song in 2021 at 3am, rest in peace Tim

My dad died last year due to corona, i miss him so bad. I everyday listen to this song and cry and wish that wherever he is he can rest in peace. :'(

My father told me these are the nights that never die, one day u'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember!!!

If you're still listening to this song, know that Avici is proud of you

I'm deeply disappointed that I found this song today. This song is actually amazing. I read the comments and found out the song artist took his own life 5 years ago. I'm really sad because this song reminded me to enjoy my life the best way I can despite this pandemic. Rest in peace Tim/Avicii :(

You enjoyed your life to the fullest buddy ❤️❤️❤️

Avicii - Wake Me Up

I want to wake up back in 2013!!

Aww you can tell the girl with the ponytails admired them for not caring what others think. At the end, I felt like she wanted to go away with them too. Now she may never leave that town. 😞☹️😞

Avicii is never dead he’s always in our hearts and he Deserve the number one hit song on billboard

RIP Avicii, thank you for a lifetime of amazing songs

Today is 3 years since Avicii passed away. He'll never be forgotten. His music will continue to live forever. Rest in peace◢◤

I come back to check new comments all the time, the fact that the song hit 2 billion views and the comments are still alive, gives me hope for our world.

Who else misses him and always listen to his music every day I mean that’s what I do rip I’m so sorry

Avicii - Waiting For Love

#RIPAVICII all your songs are magical. Hope you've taken better care of your health.... You'll be missed so so much.

Someone will save you even if you are in a difficult situation. life is wonderful.

This hits different if you know the meaning behind it.

Avcii literally made my heart,the sad thing is that he died so young but I will tell my children how amazing he was😢😔

Rest in peace bro we all love your music you can never get beaten on music

Until today I come to listen to this work of art, this song is very beautiful, thanks Avicii

Avicii - Levels

This song spawned so many good times and memes, rest easy

I miss these days. What happened to time. Is it speeding up or is it just me?

3 years, i remember this day, i come back to my ex-girlfriend and i read that avicii is dead. Fuck, life is short. RIP

Back when life wasn't so complicated. I was 11, I didn't care about work, I didn't care about school, I didn't care about studying, I didn't care about girls, I didn't care about rent or my career. I was just a kid who was obsessed with Pokémon and dance music. Filled my iPod up with it. SHM, Avici etc. But, eventually, we all had to grow up.

Gone too soon, the man is an absolute Legend. Nostalgia through the roofs.

He's gone, but his song will last forever And history will remember him forever

Thank You