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How did Avicii start producing music? tomorrowland

Who was Avicii?

Tim Bergling, known by his stage name Avicii was a Swedish DJ, remixer, record producer, musician, and songwriter.

Born and raised in Stockholm, he was one of the most popular musicians of his time. He showcased his music skills online to receive exposure.

Anna Catarina Lidén is a Swedish actress. She has appeared in more than 50 films and television shows since 1971. She is the mother of musician and DJ, Tim Bergling, who was better known as Avicii.

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Avicii started making music at the age of 16 and began posting his remixes on various online music forums.

I have been following his life through interviews that he had given, from the internet. Read to know how exactly he was discovered, what did Avicii use to make music, his breakthrough music tracks and how you too can get started with music production!

Lets start with this video. Apart from a fantastic human being, his ability of making people go crazy with his music is also why, he is called "a legend" !!!

EDM is incomplete without Avicii. He was, is and will forever be one of the best artist of the industry.

There's this documentary, Avicii - True Stories, on Netflix which focuses on the rise and fall of Tim (video below). He was one of the worlds most successful electronic music artists of all time. You may check it out as well in order to know more on him.

How did Avicii start producing music?

A review from Quora:

He created his own style of house music which was the difference maker. He was kind of blending Pop and country with progressive house. This made his style top notch and brought that signature style of his to peak. Pop music was already all about vocals melodies etc etc that is why he was able to enter that space.

Not a lot of producer have entered that space if you see.

His team was fabulous also the lyrics and everything was top notch and had this feel good and relatable factor which helped him.

Avicii True Stories:

How was Avicii discovered?

Tim started producing music at the age of 16. As per his interviews he managed to learn music production on his own using FL Studio and YouTube tutorials. He got to know about the software from one of his friends. "I was instantly hooked to it, and started producing for 16-18 hours a day" - he said in one of his interviews.

Avicii started making remixes with this software called FL Studio. He was in his schooling days back then. Keep on reading to the next section to know more on getting started with FL Studio!

He was discovered by his Ash Pournouri from a forum Avicii was part of and used to often release his remixes. Avicii was invited to Ash's office for a discussion as Ash had some good contacts in the music industry and thought of managing him.

Avicii was always an introvert. Even when meeting Ash for the first time, he had asked his friend to join him as he was a bit hesitant in meeting a stranger!

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At the time when David Guetta, Armin, Tiesto were ruling the industry, there had to be someone who can break these production techniques and come up with a new sound.

After a deal with Ash for managing him with gigs and new releases, Tim was focusing on a unique sound throughout his early production days and came up with the the layering of unique piano sounds together with melodies. One of his remixes of Bob Sinclair's New New New went viral. And boom, he was accepted by the industry as the new dance machine and the rest is history!

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