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Armin Jozef Jacobus Daniël van Buuren OON is a Dutch DJ and record producer from Leiden, South Holland.

A Quora review:

You may love or hate the music he plays but he is an awesome DJ.

How do we define a good DJ ? Well for me it's someone who can give a crowd the moment of their life carefully choosing records. This is quite easy on a one or two hours set but Armin did very long sets (up to 8 Hours) where you can't just play a few bombs and fill 80% of your time slots. With 8 Hours you got to be creative.

With Tiesto he is one of the fews who can do that. A lot of famous DJs are good producers but bat DJs, but Armin does both. (I think he is a better DJ than producer).

I have seen him quite often perform live (along with a lot of other DJ since I'm close to Netherlands and can go there for festivals) and I can say he almost always deliver something at least good. But what makes him appart is the few times where he is truly inspired. Armin Only 2008 for example was completely out of this world from midnight to 7am. The most difficult with this night was finding a moment to go at the bar or the toilet. It was so great you did not want to leave the dance floor at any moment. Quieter moments were used when the crowd needed it but always with uplifiting music, harder moments were well used when needed. There was no downbeat moment for all the night, it seemed like some telepath was operating the deck knowng exactly what we wanted before we even knew it. This is what I call great DJing.

Here today in this blog, I am listing down 3 of Armin's biggest hits of all time with some public comments! Check Out!

Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like (Official Music Video)

One of the best driving & dance songs of all time :)

This song reminds me of the good times when there wasn't a single thing to worry about in the world.

when this pandemic ends. this song should be played all around the globe

This song makes me think I'm in a film running with my crush

So this is the reason why "thor" actually handed over his kingdom to Valkyrie.

It's one of those songs isn't it? It should be around for a long time to come.

Brings back the greatest memories and never fails to make me smile. Absolutely iconic song. Early 2010s were straight up amazing times for the EDM scene.

Thank you Armin. Still feels amazing

Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz - Another You

Wow this song give me a real nostalgia from my teenager years🥺❤️

EDM IS MY LIFE!!!! This song brings me so much postive energy! #Positivity!

This song is timeless and definitely in my all-time top 3.

This song has a special place in my heart. It's pure gold

I've been looking for this song for months

Van Burren totally killed it again, amazing track. Amazing. And those Probz's vocals. AMAZING track.

Time passes so fast, this gives me so much goosebumps, hope EDM comes back strong like the old days.

Bring back this type of EDM!!

Armin van Buuren feat. Fiora - Waiting For The Night (Official International Music Video)

Fiora's face and voice, she is a natural energy source

"Waiting for the night" is definitely one of my favourite's. I'm not a big fan of Armin, but this song takes me to a higher place of existence.

A perfect example of music and video superbly complementing each other...Fiora manages to belt out surreal vocals as easily as she manages to look effortlessly sensual, and Armin as usual gives us music that transports us to a different dimension, all while looking his naturally innocent self. Wonderful, indeed.

Besides the fact Fiora is beautiful, this song will be around for a long time because it is a “fun” track....one of Armin”s better productions!!

Armin's music sounds like you could feel each sound

The first time I'm hearing this and i don't think ill be waiting for a day ever again.