3 best love songs of 2021 | John Legend | Lady Gaga | Ed Sheeran

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3 best love songs of 2021

We all need love!

Anthony, a user of quora writes:

Love to me is the emotional release i feel in my body. These "Love" feelings are purely chemicals released from the brain and are felt throughout the body. These feelings can be triggered towards any one. We receive these emotions from a sence of attachment towards another person.

I love my lover and i continue to love her because of these emotions. My love for her is stronger than my lust for other intimate relationships which is why i choose to stay with her.

My lover is also my best friend.

Love should be a friendship.

if people can no longer can be friends and there are more upsets and stresses than there are "best friend moments" then this person should no longer be your friend.

This is how people should look at intimate relationships.

Here in this short blog, I am listing down the 3 best love songs from John Legend, Lady Gaga and Ed Sheeran with some public comments that you can check out right away!

John Legend - All of Me

Review from Quora:

What’s very good about “All of Me” is John Legend’s exquisite singing voice. It’s sweet, lovely and smooth. He hits the high notes with ease and sings beautifully.

The rest of the song, to me, is fairly ordinary and illustrates some of the things that are wrong with pop music today.

First off, like many contemporary songs, it recycles a title. There’s a famous jazz standard, sung by Frank Sinatra and others, called “All of Me.” There’s also an infectious, piano instrumental solo by The Piano Guys with the same title. So, the title is unoriginal—it’s been used, not once, but twice before.

The piano part, which is the only accompaniment to the voice, is very simple and repetitious—too simple and repetitions in my opinion. There’s a single one-bar rhythm that occurs pretty much throughout the entire piece and gets rather old fast.

This song will never die

I can’t believe this song is 7 years old feels like yesterday.

once a wise man said, "when you're happy you enjoy the melody but, when you're broken you understand the lyrics"

Do you guys realize that, we still love this song because they still in love in each other. If they dont then this song will be a biggest lie ever happened

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow

Her initial popularity came from being a savvy self-marketer, singer-producer of dance pop and having an instinct for being ahead of the curve, as well as being flamboyant and unafraid to push her image to extremes. She also cultivates her fanbase and loves them as much as they love her. Once she was well-established in that regard, her popularity increased and remains high because it turns out she is a crazy-talented and versatile musician and songwriter, with a gorgeous voice that can handle classical, B’way, rock and pop with ease and finesse. And she is socially conscious and compassionate as well.

Whenever I feel sad I play this song, and it is like it took all my problems away

lady gaga would had no idea that students will watch it playing zoom in the background

this women's talent is INSANE

Their chemistry was electrifying, I think it was because they had so much riding on this movie, they both took a chance on each other. Gaga believed in Brad as an actor who could sing & Brad believed in Gaga as a singer who could act & both of them pulled it off.

There are people who can sing, there are people who can act, and there's Lady Gaga...

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

I fell in love with Ed Sheeran when I heard Thinking out loud. That was the first Ed Sheeran song I had listened to. I admire him because he can conquer the entire stage with his performance with just a guitar. He is a simple and straightforward person with an ardent love for music. What makes him stand out is there is no showmanship in his performances and nor does he ever fail to impress the listener with his voice. He also spends a lot of time and money in charities. The lyrics of his songs are very relatable.

Ed Sheeran's the type of singer to make you miss the relationship you never had

Once in a while you gotta have an Ed Sheeran song pop up on your timeline.

This was the song i listen too while pregnant and when my daughter came out i would play this song for her and she would close her eyes and fall asleep with her angels, to this day she sings this song

My mom died at 70 ,left my dad this song reminds me of them,they were always with eachother til the end😭 my dad's with her now..how i miss them so much!!

A month after this song came out I asked my beautiful best friend to marry me. 6 years strong with a beautiful family❤️🙏🏾 Thank you Jesus.

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