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Here in this short blog, I am listing down the best 3 Charlie Puth songs ft. Selena Gomez in 2021 along-with some public comments!

charlie puth best songs

Charlie Puth - We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez)

This video brings back so much memories 🥺

Just imagine how many people are listening to this with you right now

Don't worry . You're not only one listening to this masterpiece in April 2021 .

Charlie Puth: We don't talk anymoreEminem: We don't breath anymore

im so obsessed w this story line, literally so so true story

Charlie Puth - Attention

All the sudden you’re all grown up and understanding the lyrics

The people who disliked this video prolly can't relate to the lyrics

I'm from Poland and I don't understand anything, but this song is great

Charlie Puth you and your style are amazing💙

I first heard this on radio and I thought he was singing "You just want a tension"

This song still has everyone's Attention.

Charlie Puth - "How Long"

Charlie dancing is me when the Corona is over.

When you got to know your crush got a crush on you too...

He looks like me dancing alone when I'm bored

Charlie Puth dancing is me when there's no homework for the weekend.

He seems like the type of person that has high hopes

Thanks for checking out!

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