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Dua Lipa is an English singer and songwriter. After working as a model, she signed with Warner Bros. Records in 2014 and released her eponymous debut album in 2017.

Quora reviews:

My first encounter with her was MTV Push on her and her “Be The One” song in 2015 (if I remember it correctly). My reaction was “Oh okay is she the long lost sibling of Haim?” since the song’s vibe and her appearance looks like Haim’s.

Then, as I only watched MTV and music channels in television, I heard her “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)”. I felt the song is nice and electrifying, but I still thought that she is in the same compartment of the new British (alternative) Invasion, similar with Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne. I had not yet pictured her to be in the line of mainstream pop.

Then came “New Rules” in 2017. I knew it right there from the first hearing that this would be one of the summer songs of 2017, which it was. Everything in the song just hit the ingredients of mainstream pop. Yet I still held some reserves as some summer hits singer became one-hit wonder (Gotye, everyone?).

But with “IDGAF” and “One Kiss” released in 2018, she just sealed the deal of becoming the next legendary mainstream pop artist. This opinion was reinforced even more when I attended her concert in Singapore in May 2018. I was coming with only knowing half of her songs, yet I found her entire setlist to be entertainingly intriguing. In fact, it triggered me to look after her other songs, which apparently quite a lot with more than 20 songs.

Now when people asked what my favorite songs of hers are, I even skipped “New Rules”. My Top 3 are “Lost in Your Light”, “Dreams”, and “Begging”. Geez, these songs are so underrated they need more exposures. Even more surprisingly, her ballads like “Thinking ’Bout You” and “Homesick” are great as well.

Confidently, I can say that a new star has born. Just like I felt toward Adele and Sam Smith. I just hope she won’t experience the bad second album syndrome that plagued Duffy.

I think Dua Lipa is a wonderful artist. She is the most beautiful person in the world. She's the most awesome person I've ever seen. In such a little , time she'd gained so much popularity and love . From being an ordinary girl covering songs , she turned into a perfect singer. Her self-titled album is amazing and now she is determined to win hearts all around the world. All of her songs hits you with a new vibe , mixing up your feelings . Her voice is so sweet and charming. She looks so cute and lovely. As an artist and as a person, she is best in both her forms. If this continues on (which I hope will certainly hapen) , she's gonna rule the music world in no time. I just hope she just stays this way... (and wish I could meet her, just for once, 'cause she's myyyy loveeee :p)

Lets look at 2 best Dua Lipa interviews in May 2021.

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Her British accent is so thick, my ears got colonized

Her voice is so perfectly British but in her songs it’s so perfectly American.

Dula Peep looks stunning

if i had a british accent like her , i wouldnt ever shut up

can we talk about how absolutely gorgeous she is

i love how she professionally speaks and details each stories she tells, like it was sooo satisfying unlike some of the celebrities that can get boring when they start overexplaining their stories. what a queen

Not Dua Lipa forgetting that her rules are to (1) not pick up the phone, (2) not let him in, and (3) don’t be his friend

Dua Lipa Became a Redman, Method Man and 50 Cent Stan at Age 13

Her raspy voice and English accent is so hot.

Dua: I'm going to 50c concert.Dad: here's a $1. Take your sister with you.

She's that girl who no matter how much you see her face, you have no idea what she looks like

All of her outfits in the future nostalgia era is literally so stunning im obsessed

She’s such a confident, cool and attractive person Very charismatic

I could listen to her talk all day, everyday. Her voice is so feminine, relaxing, and pleasant. And she's absolutely gorgeous and amazingly nice.

she's one of the most gorgeous girls i've ever seen

Thank you.

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